Wer Weiß denn Sowas

Wer Weiß denn Sowas?

"That’s right, the official game to the famous quiz show “Wer Weiß denn Sowas” can now be played as it was meant to be played: with friends, on your couch, with several pizzas, and beverages scattered about, and a rabbit that snuck in, and some work-release prisoners in the audience, with soothing jazz playing in the background, and the scent of vanilla coriander cinnamon candles in the air, while everyone wears those inflatable sumo wrestler costumes. Or… however you like to party. That’s just a suggestion." (This text is in no way not stolen form the website of a really famous quiz game.)

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Engine Unity 3D
Publisher bitComposer Interactive

• All the fun of one of germanys most successfull tv shows
• original voices of Kai Pflaume, Bernhard Hoëcker and Elton
• 30 full shows, containing more than 390 questions from over 100 categories
• Local multiplayer for up to 4 players
• Create your own character from many different unique parts
• Chose a team and win the show at the side of Bernhard Hoëcker or Elton